SAT/ACT Combination Workshops

We offer a six-hour "research-based" SAT and ACT combination workshop for those students wishing to become skilled for both the SAT and ACT.

SAT only/ACT only Workshops

For those students wishing to focus on one test only, we offer a SAT or ACT only workshop with six-hours of "strategy-based" instruction.

PSAT only and PreACT only Workshops

We offer a six-hour "research-based" workshop for either the  PSAT/NMSQT or PreACT for middle and high school students.

SAT/ACT Combination Workshops

2019-20 SAT and ACT Saturday Test Dates

      August 24                    SAT                 September14         ACT

      October 5                    SAT                 October 26              ACT

      November 2                SAT                 December 14           ACT

      December 7                 SAT                 February 8              ACT  

      March 14                     SAT                  April 4                     ACT  

      May 2                          SAT                  June 13                   ACT

      June 6                        SAT                   July 18                    ACT

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Determine when (date) and what type (SAT only, ACT only, SAT/ACT combination, PSAT/NMSQT or PreACT) workshop you would like to offer the students at your school.


Call or email Brenda Stewart to find available dates to book your workshop session.

(office) 843-423-0758 or (cell) 843-615-5888




Start advertising at your school about a month in advance to get the maximum number of students for the best workshop price.  All-In Test Prep will send information like advertising posters, a Robo call script and possible school incentives to help make spreading the word simple.

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