Horry County Schools made SAT record-breaking gains as we conducted workshops at 11 of their 13 schools:  ATA, Loris High, Scholars Academy, Early College, AAST, Myrtle Beach High, Aynor High, St. James High, Carolina Forest High, Green Sea Floyds High, and Conway High.

Scholars Academy, on the Coastal Carolina University campus, reported an average SAT score of 1384 and an ACT score of 31.4.  We have conducted their test prep workshops for the past six years.

After our SAT workshop, a Pee Dee school student contacted us with a 254-point increase.

In Darlington County, a school reported to us that after examining all the data for the students in our workshop, the average SAT score increase was 108 points!

In 2016, Hartsville High School received outstanding results from The College Board on their 2016 average SAT score:

1561 is highest average score that HHS has had 11 years

1561 is a 79-point gain over our 2015 average score.

1561 is 84 points above the 2016 Darlington County School District average score.

1561 is 103 points above the 2016 South Carolina average score

1561 is the 17th highest score among 215 South Carolina public high schools.

1561 is 77 points above the 2016 national average

After scoring a substandard 300+ on each section of the SAT, a student in Horry County decided to switch tests and attend our ACT workshop.  After receiving his ACT test results, he reported to us his whopping score of …27!

In Oconee County, a student who attended our workshop gained 6 points on the ACT and was given two huge scholarships equating to full tuition.

After seeing a workshop student at a popular surf shop, she told us her ACT score increased from 26 to 32 and she was given a full scholarship to “Ole Miss.”

At Mayo MST, a student informed us that after attending our workshop his SAT score increased 190 points.

At the close of a workshop in the upstate, a young man lingered after the presentation. After a minute or two he approached and remarked, “You guys need to keep doing what you are doing!” 

At a school in the midlands, students told their curriculum director that they would come to our SAT/ACT workshop every time it was offered at their school.  They said our presentation is always different and they always learn something new.

At The Academy for Arts, Science, and Technology, one student remarked that she really thought our workshop would be super-boring and she would be wasting her time by missing classes, but she quickly changed her mind after the first 15 minutes.  She actually asked us, “How long did it take to create this presentation?  It must have taken y’all forever!  You guys even have cool music!”

At Scholars Academy, a male student told his Head of School that he had attended quite a few SAT workshops which were just about practice, but that our workshop showed skills, tips, strategies, and how to use this new-found knowledge with practice.  He said he learned so much using this approach.

A teacher at St. James High remarked, “After your workshop, my daughter, who never has anything good to say about anything, came home with the most positive comments saying how she had such a great time and learned so much.  How did you guys do that…and can we bottle it?”

A student in the Fort Mill area said to us, “You guys just seem to know what strategies will work for me; you also seem to know my weaknesses, and how to change my bad habits.  Thank you for coming to my school and for all this good stuff…I think I can BEAT THE TEST NOW!