The most common questions we are asked involve: student numbers, pricing, combined school workshops, summer programs, the workshop day schedule, materials needed, equipment, the learning environment, lunch for students, snacks, school monitors, arrival of presenters and materials All-In Test Prep will provide.

What is the minimum and maximum number of students who can attend a workshop?

The minimum number of students to conduct a workshop is 35 and the maximum number is 250.

What are your workshop prices?

For 6 hours of "strategy-based" instruction per student, the prices are as follows:

50+ students = $40.00 per student

35-49 students = $50.00 per student

*The average price for tutoring is $40.00 per hour and a half.

Do you allow schools to combine for workshops?

Yes, we encourage schools to combine, especially for smaller schools.

Do you conduct workshops during the summer months?

Yes, we conduct SAT/ACT/PSAT workshops for students and student athletes from June-August.

What are the workshop start and stop times?

We like to begin our workshop presentation at 8:30 and end at 3:00, breaking for a 30 minute lunch; however, we will always work within a school's schedule.  If we need to start at 8:00 and end at 2:30, or start at 9:00 and end at 3:30, that is perfectly fine.

What materials do we need to have for the workshop?

We need all schools to order the SAT and/or ACT booklets which are free to all schools, The SAT Practice Test and/or Preparing for the ACTand/or PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT/8-9.  Presenters will use these booklets for practice.

What equipment does a school need to have set up before a workshop?

The presenters will need a LCD projector and a large screen in place before arrival.  All-In Test Prep presenters will bring everything else.

What is the best SAT/ACT/PSAT learning environment?  

We have found that an auditorium or mini-auditorium is the very best learning environment.  Multi-purpose rooms or media centers would also be conducive to focused learning. Classrooms are not usually the best learning environments for this type of production due to the use of music and microphones.

What type of lunch do schools provide for their students on the workshop day? When should students break for lunch?  

Most schools like to provide a typical cafeteria lunch.  Other schools opt to purchase pizzas, subs or Chic-Fil-a sandwiches for their students as an incentive.  This is totally left up to the individual school.  It also does not matter when we break for lunch during the workshop.  We always work within the school's lunch schedule.

Should schools provide snacks for their students during breaks?

This is purely optional.  Many schools like to provide water, fruit snacks, pretzels, chips, cookies, etc. for their students.

Should schools provide school monitors?

We strongly encourage school monitors for crowd control, school procedures, fire drills, possible intruder instructions, tornado drills, discipline, sign-in/sign-out, etc.

What time will the presenters arrive for set-up?

Our presenters will typically arrive around one-hour prior to a workshop to set up and trouble-shoot.  Sometimes setting up equipment can be tricky, especially when trying to hook into a school's LCD and projection system.

What will All-In Test Prep provide for the workshop?

We will bring our own laptop for the presentation, sound system, cordless microphone, folders with information for each student, paper for note-taking, pencils, pens, a beachball, lollipops, candy bars, monetary prize, lots of high-energy, motivation, knowledge and 200+ testing tips and strategies!